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Additional Links

Additional Links

The following articles were taken from various issues of the magazine Transitions Abroad (a good source of materials and information on all aspects of traveling abroad). They are meant to serve as an introductory preparation on the topic of traveling and studying abroad. The more you read up on tips for surviving, coping and traveling the better your experience will be.

"Let's Play 50 Questions" from Survival kit for overseas living: For Americans planning to live and work abroad (2nd ed.) Robert L. Kohls, (1984). Yarmouth, Maine: Intercultural Press.

"Healthy Travels". Rick Steves' Guide to Staying Healthy on the Road. by Rick Steves. May/June 1999, pgs. 77-78.

"Transitions Abroad" An Overseas Experience Will Change Your Life Forever. by Alaina N. Fields. March/April 1999, pgs. 65-73.

"Solotravel": Maximum Rewards Come From Traveling Light and Alone. by Alexa Hackbarth. September/October 1999. pgs. 91-92.

Preparing for Study Abroad: Predeparture Self-Orientation Questions. by Mary Elizabeth Debicki. Resource Guide # 5.

Survival Skills. by Heather Mansfield, Aimee Walker, Mary Ayad and Kate Pope. March/April 1999. pgs. 75-81.

How I Did It. by Ariele Foster, Bo Zimmerman, Aileen Finley, Christopher Moore, Susan Loiacona and Rebecca Talaga. pgs. 67-70.