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We understand you probably have a lot of questions about how study abroad works at UNCG.  Here are some of the most common ones you might have:

► Why should I study abroad?
On average, only 15% of college students study abroad. However, a whopping 73% of employers said study abroad experience is important when evaluating candidates for junior level positions. Additionally, skills obtained from study abroad - substantive content knowledge of field, teamwork and interpersonal skills, strategic international understanding, and cross-cultural experience - are included in the top 4 most important employee traits. (Source: The ROI of Study Abroad)

► Will studying abroad delay my graduation?
Not if you plan ahead! With prior planning, credit earned abroad will be applied toward your degree. Most academic departments will grant credit for study abroad. Early approval from your advisor regarding credit transfer will reduce later worries. Explore recommendations for your specific program here.

► How much does it cost?
Our motto is: "If you can afford to study at UNCG, you can afford to study abroad!" Students on semester or year exchange programs pay UNCG tuition and fee rates, with housing most often paid to the host university (there are some exceptions - ask an advisor!). Summer and faculty-led short-term programs have a set program cost, which includes the cost of instruction (read: no additional UNCG tuition) and other costs that vary by program. Most Federal/State financial aid will apply to semester programs and to summer opportunities (if you're eligible for summer aid).

For information on approximate program costs, each program page has a budget tab you can reference. UNCG also offers special travel grants to students who study abroad on our programs. Visit the Funding your Program tab for more information.

► Do I have to speak a foreign language?
Not necessarily! You may choose to study abroad in another English-speaking country, but there are also many schools in non-English speaking countries that offer courses in English specifically for international students. However, if language-learning is your goal, there are opportunities to study in your target language across the globe, in countries from China to Peru.

► What if I can't go abroad for a whole semester?
UNCG also has affordable opportunities to study abroad during summer, spring break, or winter break. Students can travel on short-term faculty-led programs (UNCG courses abroad led by UNCG faculty) or summer study abroad opportunities offered through our partner universities. Students typically pay a program fee that includes the cost of instruction (read: no additional UNCG tuition), and that may be inclusive of housing, meals or other expenses, although it varies from program to program. Financial aid may be available to support students eligible for summer aid.

► Are there eligibility requirements?
Full-time undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing (usually, at least a 2.75 GPA) are able to study abroad at UNCG. Exchanges can take place at any level, from sophomore to graduate.

► How do I apply?
Contact the International Programs Center to set up your "Options" appointment! Call 336.334.5404 or stop by our office in 207 Foust Building to schedule a time to meet with a study abroad advisor.

► When should I get started?
It is never too early to get started. Once you know the process you can plan accordingly and apply at the appropriate time for you. We look forward to working with you!