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Get Involved!

Get Involved
There are many ways to help support study abroad and engage with the international community here on campus and around Greensboro. Check out the main Get Involved page found on the International Program Center's website, or see the information for specific groups below.


If you're considering study abroad, you likely have a passion for discovering other cultures and engaging with the global community. There are a number of ways you can get involved with international students here at UNCG and start building your intercultural skills even before going abroad. Click here to explore the many options for global connections offered on and around campus. 


Many students find that their experience abroad is the start of a lifelong passion for travel and intercultural engagement. However, they may also be unsure of how to incorporate all they learned and discovered about themselves into their future academic or personal pursuits. There are some opportunities specifically for students after they return from abroad below, or you can also explore the many international opportunities found around UNCG.
This student organization was created in 2009 by UNCG students who had returned from abroad and were excited to share their experiences.  Stateside's mission is to provide a casual setting to process time abroad, readjust to life after return, and create opportunities to promote study abroad to the campus community.  Click here for the Stateside interest form.  
Many students have amazing and life changing experiences abroad and, as exciting as that can be, it can be tricky to relate that experience to others or integrate it into your life at UNCG.  Below are some opportunities on campus or in the community that may help with that transition.  
  • IPC Re-entry Workshop: Each semester, IPC hosts a welcome back meeting for students that studied abroad in the past semester. This meeting welcomes you to share your experiences while abroad and since coming home with students who share that common bond. You'll also learn how to get involved to help promote study abroad or engage with the international community at UNCG.
  • The NC Study Abroad Reentry Conference: This conference brings former study abroad students from across NC together to share the common challenges and benefits that come from their experiences. Sessions may focus on topics like reverse culture shock, articulating the value of the experience, intercultural skill enhancement, incorporating the experience into future career searches, and more. Click here for the 2019 Conference. 
  • The Student Global Leadership Conference: This student-focused conference invites attendees to present on topics dealing with intercultural competency and network with other like-minded students across NC. Click here for information about the 2020 Conference


The International Programs Center (IPC) greatly appreciates the support of faculty and staff to help promote study abroad and activities related to internationalizing our campus. There are many way you can get involved, including: advising students about study abroad, supporting international students on campus, inviting study abroad advisors into your classrooms, and even leading your own group of students abroad!
For more information about these options and many others, explore the Faculty and Staff page on IPC's main website.
For more in-depth information about advising international students and promoting study abroad, explore the Resources for Faculty and Staff tab hosted by IPC.