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Become Involved

Ways to Become Involved After your Return

Did study abroad leave you with a passion for other cultures and a new vigor for international involvement. Your experiences with international life don't have to stop when you return to UNCG. There are a number of ways to get involved right here on campus. Read on if you are interested in what international opportunities UNCG has to offer in Greensboro.

International Students Association (ISA) 

ISA is a student organization at The University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG), with special interests in cultures and societies from around the world. Membership is open to all members of the student body, as the term "international" in its broadest sense is not restrictive to national origin. Click ISA to view the official website.

Friday Fest 

Every Friday ISA sponsors Friday Fest, the popular event that features a variety of different countries and cultures through music, dance, food and other types of entertainment. International exchange students studying at UNCG enjoy sharing the essence of their own nations with students and the greater Greensboro community. Interested students are welcome to host a Friday Fest featuring their culture or country of origin. Open to the public.Contact an ISA officer, or visit the ISA website.

International House (I-House) 

I-House, as it is most commonly called, is the home to students from all over the world, including those from the US. Each semester international students are paired with an American in hopes of creating an intercultural living environment right here at UNCG. I-House is located in the recently renovated Phillips-Hawkins Residence Hall and is open to allstudents (freshmen to graduate students) with a particular interest in living with and learning about people from other parts of the world. Applications must be submitted for acceptance. For more information, click I-House.

Peer Advisor and Liason (PAL)

The PAL program matches incoming international students with UNCG students to help exchange students adjust to life at UNCG and community life here in Greensboro. PALs welcome exchange students to campus, assist with their adjustment to living at UNCG, help with registration and prepare them for the semester. All UNCG students are encouraged to apply, especially returning study abroad students or those interested in studying abroad. For more information, click PAL.