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Obtaining Academic Credit

Obtaining Academic Credit


Transferring your credits from you host institution to UNCG can be simple as long as you keep in mind a few important things while you are abroad.


1. Stay in touch with your study abroad advisor as well as your departmental advisor if your class schedule changes or the preapproved courses are not available. You may want to talk to the transfer credit advisor to see what classes have been transferred back to UNCG from your host institution 

2. Keep all coursework, including syllabi, term papers and graded assignments. If possible, bring back any textbooks too.  

3. Know what courses you need credit for here at UNCG. Have updated degree evaluations reviewed by your advisor before you leave so that you know what classes are needed abroad to fulfill certain requirements. If you are a senior and will be graduating within the semester upon return, make sure your credit abroad will be substantial to graduate. The possibility of taking an extra course may be necessary to prevent any doubts of not completing degree requirements. General Education requirements (GEC) may also be fulfilled upon completion of certain classes abroad.

Once back at UNCG, there are a number of steps that will take place before you can obtain all of your transfer credit from abroad.

1. You will be emailed regarding the arrival of your transcript, letting you know to make an appointment with the study abroad advisor at your earliest convenience. Some transcripts can take up to a number of months to arrive, depending on the university and the academic calendar there. 

2. An appointment with the study abroad advisor will assist you in the reviewing of your transcript and will put you in contact with your academic department so that you receive specific credit for you courses. This will also give you the opportunity to share any feedback with the IPC regarding your time abroad.

3. Departmental approved memos must be obtained in order to notify the Registrar of your transfer credit completion, which will be given out in your transfer credit appointment at the IPC. Please note that it is mandatory to meet with the transfer credit advisor in order to receive proper credit from your time abroad.

4. Transferral of credit will be complete once your departmental memos are turned back in to the IPC and the Registrar's office has posted your new credit to your account.