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Become a PAL

► What is a PAL?  
PAL stands for Peer Advisor & Lisaison, and matches a newly arriving international exchange student with a UNCG student, one-on-one. The purpose is to help exchange students adjust to life at UNCG, in Greensboro and in the USA.

► The UNCG PAL Program 
The PAL program began in 1993 as an important link in IPC's efforts to establish quality student exchange programs here at UNCG. In the initial year of the program, UNCG received U.S. government support from the Cooperative Grants program of NAFSA's Association of International Education. 
PAL Image
In 1993, 14 PALs were identified for the program. Today nearly 70 UNCG students participate in the program during the academic year. This increase speaks to the success -- and the increasing need -- for such a program at UNCG as the number of new, incoming exchange students continues to grow. As a PAL, you will play an important part in UNCG's efforts in becoming an internationally-focused campus.

► Responsibilities of a PAL
As a PAL, you are an important link in the orientation program for newly arriving exchange students. Your duties include writing to your PAL before his/her arrival, welcoming your PAL to campus, attending IPC-sponsored orientation activities, assisting with his or her adjustment to life in the residence halls and assisting with registration and drop/add procedures. You are also encouraged to introduce your PAL to "student life" both on- and off-campus. Sometimes, PALs have even been known to invite exchange students to their homes on weekends and holidays. As a PAL, you are an important link between the exchange student, IPC, UNCG, and Greensboro!   

► Eligibility
All UNCG students are encouraged to apply, especially freshmen and sophomores interested in international life (including study abroad) and returning study abroad students interested in sharing their fresh, global insight.

► Want to get involved? 
Please email Dee Stafford at for details on how to apply. Or see the main "Get Involved!" tab for more opportunities.