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Re-entry Events

Just as you experienced culture shock abroad, you may find yourself experiencing reverse culture shock as you try to readjust to live back at UNCG.  You may feel profoundly changed by your study abroad experience, but be unsure how to best create meaning from it personally, academically, or in your future professionally.  There are several workshops and conferences that may help you in that process. 

IPC Re-entry Workshop

Once a semester, IPC hosts a welcome back re-entry meeting for students that studied abroad in the past semester.  This meeting welcomes you to share your experiences during your time abroad and since coming home with other students who share the common bond of study abroad. You'll also learn about the various events going on geared towards former study abroad students and ways you can get involved with our international community at UNCG and help promote study abroad. 
This workshop counts as one of the assignments for IGS 297, the re-entry course. Attending and participating in the workshop earns you 30 points for the class. For those that are not able to attend the workshop, you will work with the instructor for the IGS reentry course to submit an alternate assignment in lieu of the workshop. 

► The NC Study Abroad Reentry Conference

The North Carolina Study Abroad Reentry Conference is designed to bring former study abroad students together from across North Carolina to share their experiences. Participants will also be able to share some of the common challenges and benefits that come from studying abroad. Sessions will focus on a range of topics from reverse culture shock, articulating the value of the experience, discovering intercultural skill enhancement, appropriately incorporating the experience into the job search, interviews, and resumes, international work and scholarship opportunities, getting into the field of international education, and many others.
Click here for information about the 2019 NC Study Abroad Reentry Conference

 The Student Global Leadership Conference

This student-focused conference invites attendees to present on an array of topics dealing with intercultural competency, or use it as an opportunity to network with other like-minded students across NC. 
Click here for more information about the 2018 Student Global Leadership Conference.

► For other opportunities at UNCG, explore the Get Involved tab on the main International Programs Center website.