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Stateside was created in the fall of 2009 by UNCG students who were excited to share their experiences with others after returning from study abroad. A great way to get involved with the international community upon your return from overseas, Stateside provides engaging conversation, opportunities to share your international experiences with others, and opportunities to promote study abroad to the campus community.

Stateside's mission and purpose is to provide a casual setting and atmosphere for returning study abroad students so that they may share experiences with peers and provide facilitation for ongoing readjustment to life post study abroad. 

Stateside Board Members
For those students that are interested in taking a leadership role with Stateside, there is an opportunity to serve as a Stateside board member. In addition to helping plan and promote certain workshops and events for former study abroad students, Stateside board members also work with IPC staff to help promote study abroad opportunities across campus. This includes giving presentations to classes, student groups, dorms, or a variety of other events. 

If you are recently returned study abroad student and interested in becoming a Stateside board member, email:

International Ambassadors